Foster youth are set at a disadvantage compared to others when it comes to navigating the college admissions process. Even though the vast majority of kids in the foster care system want to go to college, many face social and economic challenges that prevent them from receiving a higher level of education. LA Kids For Change hopes this financial aid would boost their ability to defy these setbacks.

We are awarding 3 winners, $500 each to go to their academic costs.

The applicaton is due May 26th 2022 11:59 PM. Winners are annouced June 24th 2022.

How to apply

Appicants must be high school juniors, seniors, or first year undergraduate students. Applicants must be currently in the foster care system or recently out of the system.

We are looking for outgoing and outstanding students with a passion for education.

The application includes a small essay prompt asking "How did your experience in foster care shape your views on higher education, and how do you plan on giving back to the foster care system in the future?"

If you have questions, contact