Georgiana Yawitz


Hi! I am Georgiana Yawitz, and I am a Junior at Palisades Charter High School. I started LA Kids for Change when I educated myself about the hardships that Foster Care youth face through research. As I learned more about the struggles that Foster Care youth face, I became more passionate about improving their lives and facilitating real change. We came up with a mission to help Foster Care youth in our community through fundraising and education. I discovered a program called the Julie Beren Platt Teen Innovation Grant, where we could be eligible for a $1,500 grant for our project. I was awarded the grant for our organization, and we then became a club at Pali High. I am primarily in charge of communications, conceptualizing event ideas, writing about our organization, and organizing club meetings. I am also in charge of my grant. Throughout our high school experience, we, the founders of LA Kids for Change, have been working diligently to expand the program, spread awareness, adjust to Covid restrictions, and raise money for Foster Care youth. Some other activities with which I am involved include the Ambassadors program, Youth and Government, President of Plan it for the Planet, President of Alexandria House, Hasbara fellowship program, California Scholarship Federation, and Justice and Activism Chair in the Sinai Leadership Council. I also love to sing and play guitar. I am so excited to continue our work to help foster youth, and I hope that you join us on our journey. Please reach out if you have any questions or want to get involved!